Last modified:  May 25, 2018

Cookie Policy

Like many web and e-commerce sites, RealNetworks and our business partners use cookies and similar technologies operate our websites and services, and to provide you with a tailored experience.  A "cookie" is a small text file that is stored by your web browser on your computer or mobile device. When you visit our websites and use our products and services, RealNetworks cookies are sent to our servers automatically.

Cookies allow our website and online services to "recognize" your device and to display information that is relevant to you.  When you return to RealNetworks websites your settings are maintained and we can personalize content, banners, advertisements and promotions that you will see when you visit RealNetworks websites and use RealNetworks products and services. These technologies also enable us to cache some elements of the RealNetworks websites and services to improve their performance.  The following chart describes the types of cookies we use:

Cookie Type



To recognize our users' preferences (playing webgames or downloading games, etc.) and remembering subscribers' and registered account holders' information such as username or ID.


These are placed by RealNetworks or our partners for advertising purposes. Upon your return to our websites, we can personalize advertisements and promotions.

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Google Double Click
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To develop aggregated statistics about how visitors use our websites, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors come from, and the pages they visited. These cookies help us understand traffic patterns on RealNetworks websites so that we can improve our customers’ experience and provide make it easier to find relevant content and information.

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Google Analytics
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Most browsers also allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings are typically found in the options or preferences menu in your browser. You can also use plugins to help you preserve your opt out cookies. For more information, please visit A number of guides on how to manage or disable web-based cookies are available, including those at: and

RealNetworks does not require that you accept cookies, however, some functionality on our websites, products, and services may be impaired if you decline to accept cookies. For example, our product purchase check-out process will not function correctly if cookies are disabled.

Any personal information that we gather by, or store in, our cookies is treated in accordance with this and our Privacy Policy.

In addition to cookies placed by domains that we control, some RealNetworks properties host cookies placed by domains not owned by us. If allowed by your browser settings, these "third party" cookies or other technologies enable the measurement of statistics about site traffic, and also allow our advertising partners to deliver more customized experiences. The collection and use of information by our third-party advertising partners is described in our Privacy Policy.