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2014 Press Releases

RealPlayer Cloud Marks First-Year Milestone, Tops 8 Million Global Users  

SEATTLE, November 3, 2014RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWKis celebrating the first year of RealPlayer® Cloud, the company's cloud video sharing app that allows users worldwide to easily watch, save and share videos on any device or operating system. Since its launch in late September 2013, more than 8 million registered users in 40 countries have installed RealPlayer Cloud.

In celebration of RealPlayer Cloud's birthday, RealNetworks is offering 365 gigabytes of cloud storage space for just $4.99 per month. This offer will be available in the U.S. starting today. Visit to redeem this offer.

RealPlayer Cloud debuted on six platforms and is now integrated on 12, including the latest launch on Mac and the imminent launch on Xbox One. RealPlayer Cloud users can now enjoy a more robust video experience on the Mac platform, with the first RealPlayer Cloud native app built for Mac OS X. To download RealPlayer Cloud for Mac, visit from a Mac.

RealPlayer Cloud will soon be available in Xbox One's app store, so fans of the popular home entertainment console will be able to download the app and easily watch their personal videos on their TVs. Later this fall, they will also be able to upload videos captured on their Xbox One to their RealPlayer Cloud account, making it easy for them to share their game-capture videos with friends and watch on all of their devices.

Xbox One is the latest in a list of compatible digital media streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. RealPlayer Cloud was one of the first 10 apps available on Chromecast, and it is the most popular streaming device for RealPlayer Cloud users: 96 percent of users who stream to their TVs use Google's HDMI dongle.

"Getting personal video to the TV has never been easier," said Jeff Chasen, VP of Product and Software at RealNetworks. "People love taking their personal videos and watching their life's moments on the big screen. So, as more people discover digital media streaming, we will be interested to see how our fans' habits change and what devices they favor."

Computers still prove the most popular format for video-watching, but that is changing. Those who are using other devices vastly prefer watching their videos on smartphones (61 percent) compared to tablets (29 percent).

More about RealPlayer Cloud's First-Year Fans


Top four countries:
• United States 
• Japan 
• Brazil 
• United Kingdom


Top sharing platforms:
• PC (36%)
• Android (28%)
• iOS (26%)

Top methods for sharing videos:
• Email (46%)
• Facebook (26%)

Peak usage:
• 4 – 8 p.m. (United States)

Stats for our most active users:
• Average monthly videos watched per user = 23
• Average monthly uploads per user = 7


For additional data, please contact 
"Active user" is a user who uses the app at least once within the month.


Happy Birthday, RealPlayer Cloud:

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