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Get ready for iTunes Match™ by cleaning up your music collection with Rinse from RealNetworks

Rinse music clean up product removes duplicates, fixes misspellings and identifies songs without titles so iTunes Match – and the Apple Siri™ digital assistant – works best

Seattle, WA — October 27, 2011 — Users who plan to use Apple Computer's new iTunes Match music product to stream their matched songs from the cloud should consider using Rinse to clean up their music collections first, according to RealNetworks (Nasdaq:RNWK).

Rinse can fix misspellings of song title and artist names, identify songs without titles and remove duplicates, enabling the iTunes Match service to correctly identify songs in the user's collection and allow streaming from the cloud.

"As cloud services like iTunes Match from Apple and other music services from Amazon and Google become popular, having an accurate music library will allow users to more easily sync and enjoy their music on all of their devices," said Daniel Strickland, RealNetworks senior director and lead developer for Rinse. "Rinse is incredibly easy to use, so cleaning up a user's music collection can be completed with just a few clicks."

In addition, Strickland said Rinse will help the new Siri personal assistant, incorporated into the iPhone® 4S, be more effective for users. The Siri voice recognition software lets users verbally ask for a song to be played from iTunes. "Siri can play any song for you on request, but it works best if that song is correctly identified in your collection."

RealNetworks also announced a new version of Rinse that incorporates advanced acoustic fingerprinting technology powered by Gracenote.  Rinse can now identify and clean up songs without any titles or artist names the "track 01" songs that clutter a library by listening to the audio data and identifying matches in an online database.

With Rinse, users can:

  • Remove duplicate songs in a music collection, even if the titles or artists are missing or misspelled.
  • Repair misspelled songs, artists and album details, making it easy to browse the collection without having to remember exact names. For example, users don't have to remember that Steve Miller is actually "Steve Miller Band."
  • Add missing album art to a music library. Rinse automatically finds high resolution album art so users can enjoy it on their computers, in iTunes®, on smart phones and other devices.
  • Identify a song even without titles or artists names. Rinse can identify a song's "fingerprint" by examining just a few notes of a song and then matching it with its industry-leading, 100 million track database.
  • Edit entire collections at once or song by song it's the users' choice.

Free Trial of Rinse

Rinse is a downloadable product available for $39 at and is compatible with iTunes collections on both Windows and Macintosh.  A free trial version is available that cleans up 50 songs in a user's library.

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